Learn How To Cook Your Favorite Dishes!Impress Your Friends With Your Secret Recipes
Learn How To Cook Your Favorite Dishes!
Impress Your Friends With Your Secret Recipes

Foods for a Diabetic Diet

If you are a diabetic, this site is an ideal resource to find out which foods you can eat without feeling like you’re missing out on scrumptious meals. This site is focused on foods for a diabetic diet and the best ways of preparing great meals. For more information check out our Healthy Cooking Club site. Read more

Apple Cider Vinegar can help control Blood Sugar for Diabetics

It is a challenge to control blood sugar for a diabetic. When you eat carbohydrates they are quickly digested and converted into glucose that is rapidly released into the blood stream (blood sugar). Insulin is released by your body to help control blood sugar. Studies have shown that Apple Cider Vinegar and help control blood sugar levels Read more

Low GI Load Diet for Diabetics

Low Glycemic Load Diet for Diabetics: The low Glycemic Load Diet is one that many diabeticsfind useful.   The diet is based on assigning foods a ranking that indicates that food’s effect on blood sugar levels.  This can  be a valuable tool for diabetics, especially ones that have been newly diagnosed as it can  take some […] Read more

Foods with Low GI Load

Foods with Low GI Load: The GI Load is based on the glycemic index (GI), which is a numerical rating that compares the effect of different carbohydrates on your blood sugar levels. Unlike the GI formula, the GI Load formula takes into consideration the typical serving size of each type of food and the amount […] Read more

Foods with High GI Load

Foods with High GI Load: The GI Load (glycemic load) represents the quality of the carbohydrates based on the amount of the food consumed. The GI Load is a more comprehensive measurement than the Glycemic Index and allows you to compare the effect of carbohydrate foods on your blood sugar levels without having to compare […] Read more

Glycemic Index and GI Load

Glycemic Index and GI Load:    If you are a diabetic, knowing the Glycemic Index (GI) and Glycemic Load (GI Load) of the foods you eat can help you lose weight, improve control of your diabetes and prevent complications. The GI (Glycemic Index) determines how different carbohydrates affect the body and the quality of the carbohydrate […] Read more

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